Are you experiencing blurred, cloudy vision, or halos around lights or glare when driving at night? Maybe colors aren't as bright, or your optical prescription is changing more frequently. If you're over 50 and are experiencing the above symptoms, you may have cataracts. The good news is the cataract experts at EYE-Q can help.

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"It was just like a new world to me. Everything was so bright and vivid. Everybody is so professional and concerned about the patient. I didn’t feel a thing and look at what I got out of it… new vision. I’m thrilled!"
Angie Sanchez,
on her cataract surgery performed at EYE-Q



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At EYE-Q, our vision is focused solely on taking care of yours. As the premier eye care facility in Central California, we offer complete care for you and your family.

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Not only does cataract surgery restore lost vision, but in most cases the cost of surgery is covered by insurance.
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